American Art Collector, 2005.

Versatile artist finds happiness and tranquility in impressionistic paintings of nature

The artist graduated with honors from the prestigious Surikov Academy of Art under the study of academicians O.Verensky and A. Gritsay. He worked on the reconstruction and restoration of the famous Danilov Monastery, the residency of the All-Russia Patriarch, while studying iconography under the tutelage of the master of iconography Father Zanon. In many ways this has strongly influenced his inner vision and his special attention to the light and color. Oleg has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Russia and abroad and his work can be found in museums and private collections around the world. read more

Artchronika № 1, 2002.

Vladimir Salnikov Oleg Nefedkin: Return as a Master

Oleg Nefedkin first studied book illustration with Boris Degtyaryov, permanent chief designer of the “Children’s Literature” publishing house; then he designed some books; then studied with Zenon, famous archaic-innovating icon painter, lived in a monastery; then he studied in the studios of the Academy of Fine Arts, became a successful commercial painter often traveling abroad, his career was complete. read more